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Vintage guitars for sale: Hayman

1973 Hayman 40 / 40 Bass very rare British made user friendly rock & roll bass !



WE ARE FLORIDA'S OLDEST VINTAGE GUITAR SHOP ! c 1973 Hayman HAYMAN 40 / 40 Bass all original ready to gig with ! Cool Brit-made Hayman Bass from those cool early 70’s Rock & Roll days in the UK; its all Natural finish over its ash body is in very good shape showing some play time, its black bound maple neck feels like a Fender retaining its original small frets, it has the coolest headstock design with its clear circular see-thru window w / its faded “H” logo, the good luck “Indian ... more

c 1972 Hayman 40 40, Super Rare UK Made, Even Rarer in Purple!



c 1972 Hayman 40 40 Bass: Produced by the Shergold company for Dallas Arbiter in England between 1971 and 1973, the Hayman instruments are quite rare. To see one in purple is really rare. This bass is in excellent playing condition with no fret wear. It has it's share of dings, dents and scratches and the pickup covers are missing. The nut is new and there is an added strap pin with all pins being Dunlop locking type in place of the originals. This is a really cool bass. This bass ships in the ... more

Vintage 1972-73 Hayman 1010 Natural with original case - Made in England



Very rare vintage guitar made in England. Plays really well with low action and sounds like a beefier telecaster. Loads of clarity but also plenty of bass response. Natural finish that shows its beautiful wood grain and highly figured maple neck. Some fretwear at the first few frets but nothing terrible. Made in England, developed by Jim Burns with Bob Pearson. these guitars were only made for 3 years. They were built by the Shergold Co by Jim Burns. He designed these guitars after he sold the ... more

Hayman 40 40 Bass guitar. Fretless. Hayman / Shergold / Burns.  Black, Made in 1972.



Hayman 40 40 Bass guitar. (Fretless). Black, Made in the UK in 1972. I bought a pair of black (fretted and fretless)Hayman basses from a collector / player from Scotland who had owned both since the mid 70's I am now selling on both as my original White 40 40 has been restored. This guitar was made 29th Nov' 1972 and the body colour was originally Blond. It is a well gigged instrument with various knocks and the typical crazing on the body lacquer which is usual to these guitars. One of the ... more

Hayman 40 40 bass guitar. Black. Shergold / Burns. Made in 1975



Hayman 40 40 bass guitar. Black. Made in 1975. Condition is Used. I bought a pair of Hayman 40 40 basses, one fretted one fretless from a collector / player from Scotland who had owned them since the mid 70's. The fretless bass is already listed, see my other listings. I am now selling them as my original white 40 40 has now been restored. This is a lovely fretted bass, the neck is straight and it plays beautifully. A few dinks and scuffs and the body surface has the normal crazing. This ... more

1971 Hayman 1010 guitar in period correct case. Jim Burns 3 pickup UK build TOTP



"Yes, it's Number One it's Top Of The Pops " . Takes you back doesn't it? Back to a time when Hayman guitars were being played by many artists on the telly. As English as the Raleigh Chopper, there was nothing else that looked (or sounded) quite like a Hayman guitar. That's because these were where pioneer guitar builder Jim Burns put all his ingenuity and electronic knowhow after Burns Guitars had merged with Baldwin a few years earlier. I waited a long time to find one of these in anything ... more