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Vintage guitars for sale: Barcelona

Vintage guitars for sale Barcelona

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Juan Montero Guitarra 1980

Barcelona, 08***, SPAIN


Juan Montero Guitarra 1980.... more

Gretsch G6120DSW Nashville Western with DynaSonic

Barcelona, 08***, SPAIN


Gretsch G6120DSW Nashville Western Players Edition with DynaSonic.
Rosewood fingerboard. Aluminum bridge. Brass nut.
Tone dial. (No three way switch)
Very good condition
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Amplificador de guitarra Dallas Arbiter (Soundcity) Soundhouse 50 / 100 - años 70 

Barcelona, 08***, SPAIN


Dallas Arbiter (Soundcity) Soundhouse 50 / 100 ?? 1970s Guitar Amplifier. Condition is "Used " . Collection in person only
Working perfectly, has been serviced recently, old electrolytic capacitors have been replaced for high quality panasonic caps. Reverb tank has been replaced
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Hofner 495 acoustic jumbo nylon strings 1957 / 58 vintage

Barcelona, 08***, SPAIN


Hofner acoustic model 495 western jumbo flattop 1957 / 58 in excellent condition. Attached is a description from the expert Steve Russell: A rather unusual guitar, whit the five-piece nek of the contemporary President model, including Lily of the Valley headstock inlays, but mounten on a 20" long by 16" wide flattop body, with narrow waist and circular soundhole. Hofner themselves seem to have been pretty confused with this model, as generally it was produced with nylon strings but it would ... more

Hofner Senator archtop 1955 vintage original case

Barcelona, 08***, SPAIN


Early 1955 Hofner Senator acoustic with the small mother-of-pearl cross inlaid in a smooth black ebony plated headstock. In great cosmetic condition with its original case. The case you see in the picture is not yours, it is the same but in better condition
Acustica Hofner Senator de las primeras, 1955, con la pequeña cruz de madreperla incrustada en un cabezal liso chapado en ébano negro. En un estado estético estupendo con su estuche original. El estuche que se ve en la foto no es el ... more

Hofner 491 acoustic flattop 1968 vintage

Barcelona, 08***, SPAIN


Hofner model 491 from 1968. Spruce top and mahogany sides and back, I believe other woods were also used over the years. Long scale 64, 5 cm. This guitar was born in the image and likeness of the Gibson J-45, they are practically the same. Great sound. This one has some wear on the fretboard in frets 1 to 5. In excellent cosmetic condition for its age. No case
Hofner modelo 491 de 1968. Tapa de abeto y lados y fondo de caoba, creo que en el transcurso de los años tambien se emplearon otras ... more

Hofner "Square Dance" 1954 vintage

Barcelona, 08***, SPAIN


In the first picture we have the social scale of the Hofners distributed by Selmer in the UK (Square Dance-Congress-Senator-President-Committee) that I will be putting on sale little by little. In fact, the first one is missing, called Four Dance, which was manufactured for a short time and was replaced by this one called Square Dance (remaining photos) that we are dealing with today This modest Square Dance from 1954 is in very good condition for its age, the only change is that we replaced ... more

Guitarra clásica de colección Juan Estruch 1978

Barcelona, 08***, SPAIN


Guitarra clásica de colección Juan Estruch 1978.

Guitarra española clásica de colección del 1978. Totalmente recuperada sin romper su aire antiguo. Mástil tratado, lijado y ajustado para una perfecta adaptación y comodidad en la altura de las cuerdas. A sido lustrada con productos especiales para guitarras de antigüedad. Si eres amante de la colección de guitarras con historia, está es una pieza digna de tener en nuestra vitrina de colección especial
Incluye juego de ... more