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Vintage guitars for sale: Shaftesbury

Shaftesbury was a brand created by Rose-Morris of Shaftesbury Avenue, London in the 1960s and 1970s. Most were copies of guitars by Fender, Rickenbacker and Gibson, and were typically made by Eko of Italy.

Models to look out for:

Shaftesbury Resonator Guitar - made in Italy - early 1970's.



Shaftesbury Resonator Guitar made in Italy in the early seventies. It is a copy of a much older model made by a company in South America called Del Vecchio. This is a very nice looking guitar, very well made as all the Shaftesbury models are and it has a large resonator circle in the centre surrounded by six small and two larger ones at the top which allow the sound to come out. The guitar has a fifteen inch lower bout, and the body is fully bound. The condition is very good and its a fun guitar... more

70s Shaftesbury " Dell Vecchio " Style Resonator Acoustic Guitar RARE

Birmingham, West Midlands, B25***, UNITED KINGDOM


Up for sale is a rare 70s Shaftesbury " Dell Vecchio " Style Resonator guitar.
This model took its inspiration from the the Dell Vecchio's renowned Dinamico model .
Great looking instrument and very well made , this model is getting harder to come by and is soughtafter by both collectors and players.
Good condition for its age does have some marks from normal use including some dings to the back of the neck but nothing major
Comes with a gig bag but if you want it posted can ... more

Shaftesbury Model 519 Dallas Arbiter Scala Valve Tube Combo Amp Vintage 10?? 60s

Nottingham, NG17***, UNITED KINGDOM


Shaftesbury Model 519 Dallas Arbiter Scala Valve Tube Combo Amp Vintage 10??.

The amp is in good condition and perfect working order. This is a very rare 6 / 7 watt all valve combo amp handwired in London somewhere between 1959 - 1964. It comes with the original 10?? speaker.
The speaker cloth has been repaired in a few places (see pics). There is no damage to the speaker cone and it is in excellent condition.
We have a couple of Mullard valves in this along with a few other ... more

Dallas Shaftesbury Valve Amplifier 1962

Colchester , CO4***, UNITED KINGDOM


1962 5 watt valve guitar amp
Perfect working order, no untoward issues. Lovely little amp.
Bad points are
1) lots of marks and wear from age.
2) There is an extra Master power switch and power bulb on the control panel, but these are not wired up to anything. I don't 'think' these were factory issue, so most likely explanation is the previous owner installed them but never actually wired them up.
Great little amp, does exactly what you'd expect
Collection from Colchester ... more

Shaftesbury 3180e Elektro Akustische Mini Jumbo Gitarre mit Fishman Pickup

Niederkrüchten, 41***, GERMANY


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Shaftesbury, Barney Kessel copy, Japan



Shaftesbury Barney Kessel copy, full hollow body, these guitars were made in the Matsumoto factory Japan , between 1969 and 1972, maple laminate front back, and sides , with some slight bird eye pattern, maple 3 piece neck ,its in very good condition for a 50+year old guitar and is a very close copy of the original Gibson Barney Kessel model, all the electrics have been replaced with cts vintage taper pots and a Switchcraft selector. The pickups are Dimarzio Liquefier and Crunch Lab, it also ... more

Shaftesbury Telecaster bass

Londonderry, BT48***, UNITED KINGDOM


Here we have an early 70's Shaftsbury short scale bass made in Italy
The body has been resprayed a new colour fever dream yellow, the originalcolour was cream but not in a nice condition, some of the paint checking can be seen below the new colour
The scratchplate also had to be replaced as the originla was broken and badly warped, new one made by Tiny Tone
Orignal pickup and covers, the bridge had been replaced but the original will be sentA few dents here and there but overall in good... more

Shaftesbury Rodeo 12-string Acoustic Guitar, Rare Vintage 1960 / 70s

London, E17***, UNITED KINGDOM


Shaftesbury Rodeo 12-string Acoustic Guitar, Rare Vintage 1960 / 70s
This guitar was made in Italy in the late 1960s to early 1970s, and sold in the UK by Rose Morris (Denmark Street, London) making this a rare vintage. It still has the beautiful warm, mellow tone that made it popular over 50 years ago, with an adjustable bridge and metal nut, it is quite a unique guitar. There are a few scuffs and marks on the finish (but who can claim to be without blemishes after so many years?), including... more

Shaftesbury Bass Guitar 3263, Sunburst 1970's, Rose-Morris, Eko 

Eastbourne, BN22***, UNITED KINGDOM


Shaftesbury Bass Guitar 3263, Sunburst 1970's, Rose-Morris, . I have owned this guitar since 1986. Have now retired from playing gigs and basically I am downsizing. It has a couple of flaws, first is that the total volume rotary knob was taken out, but this hasn't affected the performance asthere are separate volume controls for each pick up. There is some slight cracking in the varnish, but in a small area of the body. The tailpiece logo has been knocked off but the rosewood mount is still ... more