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Vintage guitars for sale: Lincoln

Vintage guitars for sale Lincoln

The Besson Ariston archtop acoustic guitar

horncastle, Lincolnshire, LN9***, UNITED KINGDOM


OHV has this old and rare Benson ??Aristone ?? for sale It comes with a good hard shell case and it deserves it
The instrument has some visible scratches and little dinks, but is in very nice condition
The most striking feature is the lacquer crackle which is all over the guitar, very fine lines with a all solid surface
Combined with the arch top construction it whispers vintage all the time
If you are after the arch top sound, you won??t be disappointed
The action is good ... more

Eko Ranger 6EQ Electro-acoustic Dreadnought + fitted case. Superb Condition.



I can't make out what this is all about - but when I bought the guitar from Italy earlier this year this is the description I got Eko Ranger 6 Eq è caratterizzata dal classico shape Dreadnought con top in Abete e fondo e fasce in tiglio. Il manico è in betulla con tastiera in South American Roupanà a 20 tasti, selletta e capotasto in plastica. Ranger è sicuramente la parola che risuona maggiormente nella storia Eko e che ha contribuito ad affermarlo come marchio a livello europeo. Nata... more