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Vintage guitars for sale: Gretsch Viking

1968 Gretsch Viking 6187 electric guitar in Sunburst finish



Here is a 1968 Gretsch Viking in pretty good condition, 17 inch wide body, Two Super Tron pick ups, and an Ebony board with thumbprint inlays. Showing signs of wear and lacquer lifting around the edges as is usual with vintage Gretsches. Hardwear is showing some wear especially on the Bigsby, a large patch of wear or ?belt buckle rash?? at the rear where you??d expect to see it. Has an overspray on the back of the neck from half way down the back of the tuners to the heel, looks like it??s had a... more

Gretsch Viking - USA made - 1967 model - good playing guitar.



Gretsch Viking model 6187 and made in the USA in 1967 dated by the serial number 107603. It was a high end guitar at the time even competing with the White Falcon and contained all of the falcon's gadgetry except for its stereo circuitry. The Viking has twin humbuckers with three volume controls, and three selector switches plus a mute (which needs re felting). The body, soundholes, neck and headstock are all fully bound and the hardware is all in gold. The headstock carries the little brass ... more