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Vintage guitars for sale: Nottingham

Vintage guitars for sale Nottingham

Gibson Victory MV2 CM 1981 MVII MVX MV-2 Norlin Era Vintage Guitar SG Les Paul

Nottingham, NG17***, UNITED KINGDOM


Gibson Victory MV2 CM 1981 MVII MVX MV-2 Antique Fireburst Norlin Era.

1981 Gibson Victory MV-ii 2

All original as far as I can tell including original strap locks, case, pots, pickups and tuners.

This guitar plays like absolute dream. The action is as low as any metal shred guitar I??ve ever played ????

The finish has a wear and dings around as you would expect, the most serious of which is on the back of the neck ... more

1978 Gibson S-1 Guitar

Nottingham, NG9***, UNITED KINGDOM


A Gibson S-1 from 1978.
These are rare birds, dating from near the end of the Norlin period of Gibson ownership. The S-1 was a sort-of attempt at their own version of a Strat, with a bolt-on neck (with V headstock), 3 single coil pickups and some rather strange switching options
This one appears to have had and extra mini-switch added that, as far as I can work out, seems to reverse the polarity of the neck pickup. There's a very versatile set of sounds available, including bridge and ... more

Fender Strat USA 1980s

Nottingham, NG5***, UNITED KINGDOM


For sale a really nice fender 80s USA strat standard.
The year is a range for this particular year so not sure exact but it's been the 86-88 year.
The guitar has signs of use a real relic shall we say ! Mainly buckle rash on back and a chip from being out down. The neck is in great condition however
The frets are in excellent condition and have been polished up and are perfect.
The guitar has upgraded pickups which are
Seymour Duncan SS2 in neck and middle (£95 each on ... more

Shaftesbury Model 519 Dallas Arbiter Scala Valve Tube Combo Amp Vintage 10?? 60s

Nottingham, NG17***, UNITED KINGDOM


Shaftesbury Model 519 Dallas Arbiter Scala Valve Tube Combo Amp Vintage 10??.

The amp is in good condition and perfect working order. This is a very rare 6 / 7 watt all valve combo amp handwired in London somewhere between 1959 - 1964. It comes with the original 10?? speaker.
The speaker cloth has been repaired in a few places (see pics). There is no damage to the speaker cone and it is in excellent condition.
We have a couple of Mullard valves in this along with a few other ... more

Marshall Dsl40c Vintage Edition

Nottingham, NG5***, UNITED KINGDOM


             Marshall DSL40C - Vintage Edition
Classic marshall tones in a compact and user friendly unit!!!!
This amp has the ability to function at either 20 watts (half power) or 40 watts (Max power).
Full service carried out courtesy of Keld amps
Paper work and video documenting the service available on request.
No foot switch with this example but it does include an official marshall amp cover.
PM for more ... more

Ibanez Antoria 1970s Semi hollow

Nottingham, NG9***, UNITED KINGDOM


This is a classic lawsuit era guitar with the class Action open book head stock that Gibson were protesting is a copy and so it is definitely!!!
This is the real deal with Ibanez Maxon pickups pre super 70s, also with the early Kluson tuners in very fair condition and still working just great. Also originally used by Gibson in the early years.
The aesthetics have been up graded, with an Ibanez stop bar , and class bridge , star switch selector cover , and sacred Heart truss rod ... more

Marshall Studio Vintage SV212 2x12" Speaker Cabinet

Nottingham, NG12***, UNITED KINGDOM


Excellent, very lightly used condition. Been sat in my home studio and has been used just a handful of times over the past couple of years
These cabs not only look incredibly smart but sound fantastic too!

Collection from Nottingham or I can drive up to an hour to meet you somewhere more convenient.
... more

Fret-King Blue Label Ventura Super 60 - Fabulous Condition

Watnall, Nottinghamshire, NG16***, UNITED KINGDOM


Fret-King Blue Label Ventura Super 60 - Fabulous Condition. Relisted due to paying bidder!

Well???? . this is an oddball shape isn??t it! It balances so well though and couldn??t be more comfortable next to your body whether seated or on a strap

The Blue label series are just phenomenal value for money and quite frankly it??s worth more than the start price in parts alone. They were discontinued as they might as well be putting £20 notes in the boxes with them as they ... more

Antoria 1970 2358R Semi hollow Guitar Rare Vintage

Nottingham, NG15***, UNITED KINGDOM


Antoria 1970s Semi hollow Guitar.

As you can see by the pictures the the guitar has numerous scuffs, the original Scratch has been removed and by the look of it the volume and tone pot might not be original. It also looks like the tuning pegs have been upgraded also

I don??t really know too much about these guitars, other than they were made at the Ibanez factory in the early 70??s.

The instrument really plays very well and sounds great, though the tone... more

1960s Framus 5 / 195 Small Bodied Acoustic Guitar With Case Made in Germany

Nottingham, NG6***, UNITED KINGDOM


1960s Framus 5 / 195 Small Bodied Acoustic Guitar Made in Germany - Case included.
Guitar has some wear and tear marks due to age, but it is in good playable condition - just needs some tuning!
Sold as in the photos.
Framus - Built in the heart of Bavaria. Model 5 / 195ZSerial no 22967
... more

EKO Rio Grande XII Acoustic Guitar 12 String 1970s

Nottingham, NG2***, UNITED KINGDOM


EKO Italian-made 12-string guitar probably from late 1960s / early 1970s.
Robust, which is to say built like a tank. Quite heavy, bolt-on neck. Holds tune pretty well for a 12-string (these facts are probably connected). Natural finish; condition is good but not immaculate - basically just a few edge marks from half a century of use.
Comes with a hard case in decent condition.
Collection in person from Nottingham preferred; can arrange carriage by Parcelforce (UK only) but only at ... more

WEM Westminister 20 Rare Vintage / Retro Amp

Nottingham, NG10***, UNITED KINGDOM


This is my WEM (Westminister 20) retro / vintage guitar amp. The amp has a low and high input and one speaker, and it is a great choice for musicians looking for a classic sound. The Westminster 20 model by WEM is a popular choice among guitar players due to its unique sound and vintage design. This amp can be used for practice or small gigs and is a great addition to any collection. It's served me well during my semi acoustic, acoustic, and electric guitar period and is in great condition for ... more

Marshall DSL20 1x12 Combo - Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker Upgrade

Nottingham, NG3***, UNITED KINGDOM


Marshall DSL20 1x12 Combo - Celestion Vintage 30 Upgrade.

Cash on collection only please

In very good condition overall .
The Marshall sound in a handy format for both Home and studio as the Power can be reduced from 20W to 10W without affecting the quality, so you can play wherever you are with confidence

The DSL20 combo has three speaker outlets allowing for a combination of two speakers, the ability to record and a standby function for silent recording ... more

Vintage 1960s Framus 5 / 195 Small Bodied Acoustic Guitar W / Case Made in Germany 

Nottingham, NG6***, UNITED KINGDOM


Step back in time with this authentic 1960s Framus 5 / 195 Small Bodied Acoustic Guitar, proudly crafted in the heart of Bavaria, Germany. This vintage gem is not just a guitar; it's a piece of musical history waiting to be cherished by its new owner
Condition:This Framus 5 / 195 guitar shows its age with character and charm. It bears the marks of its musical journey over the years, which only adds to its vintage allure. There are visible wear and tear marks, but fret not - this guitar is ... more

2 x Portogram speakers - vintage 70's?

Nottinghamshire, NG23***, UNITED KINGDOM


2 x Vintage 70s Portogram 12" Speaker Cabs
56cms x 23cms x 41cms .approx
Cash on collection
... more

Vintage Precision Jazz Bass Guitar (1970)

Nottingham, NG10***, UNITED KINGDOM


Here we have a vintage bass guitar from the 1970's. The guitar is modelled after the popular precision bass style bass guitars and has a sunburst finish. It comes with a Gotoh pickup installed at the bridge. I have polished the body and tightened the control knobs. The tuning pegs work fine but the clover designed pieces may need some glue to better fix them onto the tuning pegs as they rattle (this isn't a problem when playing the bass through an amp) The bass ... more

Vintage Acoustic Guitar. Rare 1960 / 70s Dallas 6 String . Made in Japan - VGC

Nottingham, NG10***, UNITED KINGDOM


Beautiful and rare old Dallas acoustic guitar for sale
Dallas were a UK importer of quality guitars, often from Japan, they hold a rich history and were well regarded. Bought out by Arbiter in the mid 60's, their brand then became known as Dallas Arbiter. This guitar was made and branded sometime before the takeover, most likely in the 1960s - it is now quite rare
The model number is 4464 describes a lot of different types of guitar from this period. The Serial number is 198
This ... more

Super Vintage 1980 81 Fender F 03 Steel String Acoustic Guitar Green Label

Nottingham, NG16***, UNITED KINGDOM


Super Vintage 1980 81 Fender F 03 Steel String Acoustic Guitar Green Label Notts Derby
House Clearance Find - in super looking condition for age - couple of very minor marks to top but nothing bad or ugly for a 42 year old Guitar
Full size Steel String acoustic Guitar - plays really nice with great tone
Details to the label read Fender Model F-03 Serial No Y 8404428 - (the double 4 could possibly be 11)
Very nice straight neck with great frets - plays ... more

Vintage Eden Metromix EM25 Electric Bass Guitar Amplifier Angled Wedge Cabinet

Nottingham, NG16***, UNITED KINGDOM


Vintage Eden Metromix EM25 Electric Bass Guitar Amplifier Angled Wedge Cabinet
House Clearance Find - overall in very nice used condition and excellent working order - expected light signs of use to carpet type covered cabinet but nothing bad
2 Instrument inputs, individual Volumes, master control section with flexible tone control - Media / MP3 input (to play along with your favourite songs)
25 Watts Power Output - 1 x 8?? Speaker Configuration
Measures around 16 inches high x 14... more