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Vintage guitars for sale: Montreal

Vintage guitars for sale Montreal

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1960's Patenotte Gypsy Jazz Guitar Gypsy

Montreal, Quebec, H3L***, CANADA

C $1500

Guitare 12 cases de lutherie française. Ne pèse que 3 4lbs. Sonorité vintage robuste et vibrante. Instrument restauré professionnellement. En bonne condition de jeu.... more

In Montreal, Canada:1978 Fender Super Twin Reverb 2x12, Original Fender Speakers!

Montreal, Quebec, H1L***, CANADA


1978 Fender Super Twin Reverb 2x12! Very rare! 180 watts of pure power!!! Original Fender Speakers!!!
Serial number begins with A8 so A8+5-digits - 1978
Everything is original (as far as I know, I'm not an expert). Feel free to ask for photos
Comes with original black Fender Vinyl cover!
Comes with the 2 foot pedals (as shown in photos) and Tolex has been changed
ASK FOR SHIPPING as this is quite a heavy amp!!! Over 40 Kg (or over 90 lbs!)
Local Pickup (from Montreal, ... more

Ibanez Silver Series 1978 maple neck

Montréal, H1L***, CANADA

C $688

Vintage Ibanez Silver series 1978 maple neck. In good working condition. Neck only. Few marks, selling as is (see photos)
... more

1970 Yamaki Deluxe Folk AY470 Faire Condition 12 String Guitar

Montreal, Quebec, H1G***, CANADA

C $380

Yamaki Deluxe Folk AY470 Faire Condition 1970 Guitare missing strings and one cap see photos trace of wear and decoloration du to the sun
... more

1970s Nagoya Classical Acoustic Concert Guitar Aria AC-20 Japan with Hard Case

Montreal-Nord, Quebec, H1G***, CANADA

C $380

Classical Acoustic Concert Guitar Aria AC-20 Nagoya 1970s Japan with Hard case.... more

Trend Pepco vintage guitar tube amp valves tested working

Montreal, Quebec, H2S***, CANADA


Trend Pepco vintage guitar tube amp tested working.

great vintage uncommon amp,

not the greatest cosmetics,

We have been selling vintage hi-fi equipment on ebay for close to 10 years

we know how to test them
and we know how to pack them

your equipment will make it to you safe

buy with confidence

... more

Vintage 1960s 1963 Pre CBS Fender Duo Sonic Pickgaurd

Montreal, Quebec, H4A***, CANADA


Vintage 1960s 1963 Pre CBS Fender Duo Sonic Pickgaurd. Previous owner installed 2 switches as seen, also there was an extra screw that was made in the middle of it to hold it to the body more firmly. Made in USA. Came off a 1963 Fender Duo Sonic Electric Guitar. Tested and functional. Overall in good cosmetic condition as seen in photos
Will ship in 4 business days after payment received. Shipping will be 12 dollars flat rate across Canada and the continental United States. ... more

Original 1962 Fender Guitar Catalog

Montreal, Quebec, H1T***, CANADA


Original 1962 Fender Guitar Catalog (insert in original Downbeat magazine)
8 pages
8 1 / 4 x 11 inches
Not a copy!... more