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Vintage guitars for sale: Colchester

Vintage guitars for sale Colchester
Vintage Zither Banjo 5 string C1910-20 Genuine rosewood back

Vintage Zither Banjo 5 string C1910-20 Genuine rosewood back

Colchester, Essex, CO2***, UNITED KINGDOM


An unlabelled instrument in the very finest materials possibly custom made to pro specificationsA rare opportunity to find such a fine instrumentPlease read the whole description and study pics carefully
I have looked on ebay and have yet to find an old 5 st. zither with such an outstanding inlaid solid rosewood back with genuine ebony fretboard like this
UK uninsured postage possible entirely at your own risk (tracking number , evidence of secure packing and condition prior to sending is... more
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Dallas Shaftesbury Valve Amplifier 1962

Dallas Shaftesbury Valve Amplifier 1962

Colchester , CO4***, UNITED KINGDOM


1962 5 watt valve guitar amp
Perfect working order, no untoward issues. Lovely little amp.
Bad points are
1) lots of marks and wear from age.
2) There is an extra Master power switch and power bulb on the control panel, but these are not wired up to anything. I don't 'think' these were factory issue, so most likely explanation is the previous owner installed them but never actually wired them up.
Great little amp, does exactly what you'd expect
Collection from Colchester ... more
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1960's Hofner Ambassabor

Colchester, CO6***, UNITED KINGDOM


Hofner Ambassador 1960s I bought this guitar nearly 20 years ago. There is a Hofner decal but no other markings so I cannot 100% verify the make, hence the low price However, it plays beautifully and sounds just as I would expect a hollow-bodied, electric guitar should. The neck is lovely and straight, the period machine heads do not slip, even when using the "Bigsby" There are a few very light marks on the back, which I have tried to show in the photo All the electrics are good, and the ... more
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Rare 1970

Rare 1970'S WEM Westminster Valve Amplifier

Colchester, CO6***, UNITED KINGDOM


Rare and classic 1970's WEM Westminster valve amplifier
In fantastic condition and in full working order.
Not pat tested
This amplifier is for collection only
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