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Vintage guitars for sale: Glasgow

Vintage guitars for sale Glasgow

1960 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty

Glasgow, G5***, UNITED KINGDOM


Are you looking for a Holy Grail guitar?
Are you looking for a Vintage Gibson which is more Rare than a Burst?
Are you in a position to purchase an amazing investment guitar?
Well look no further
A 1960 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty Triple Pickup
Does it get any better if your looking for a Les Paul Custom? Well I don't think so
Gibson only shipped 189 Customs in 1960 which makes this more rare than a Burst. Burst are ... more

1959 Gibson ES5 Switchmaster Blonde

Glasgow, G5***, UNITED KINGDOM


So you are loving your Gibson guitars and have a hankering for something semi affordable from the Golden Era?
Or you are a massive Gibson collector and want to buy something thats rare as hell for your collection?
or you are a massive fan of PAF's from 1959 and want to buy a Gibson loaded with those?
Yes, Yes and HELL YES! - you have come to the right place!
We have this killer one in juts now and WONT be around for long .
An all original, 1959 Gibson ES-5 Switchmaster... more

1970 Fender Coronado Daphne Blue

Glasgow, G5***, UNITED KINGDOM


The Coronado Tornado sequel! ?? 1970 / 71 Fender Coronado II

Maple body in rare Daphne Blue finish
Maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard
DeArmond Single coil pickups
Tremolo system
1st fret neck depth - 0 88??
12th fret neck depth - 0 95??
Weight - 6lb 11oz
Included hard case

Condition report:
Very good condition, on small chip on the upper horn, some deeperscratches on the front and some buckle scratches on the back. Nut has beenreplaced with ... more

Vintage Vega VEGAVOX I Tenor Banjo

Glasgow, G13***, UNITED KINGDOM


Offered for Sale is my Vega 'VEGAVOX I' Tenor Banjo. Made by Vega Banjo Company of Boston Massachusets. Serial number 90821, which places its date of manufacture to 1928, which is the first year that Vegavoxes were made. The instrument has the renowned 'Tubaphone' tone ring which gives this instrument a superb tone. It was fitted recently with a real calfskin vellum (head), although this can easily be changed to a plastic head if wished. The fingerboard is true, and the frets are in ... more

1950s Gibson Lifton ES 335 Hardcase

Glasgow, G73***, UNITED KINGDOM


I'm selling a Lifton Hardcase to fit an ES 335 style guitar
This was made in the 50s
It's in good condition as shown and will help any future resale value of your prized possession
Worldwide shipping available
... more

VEGA Vegaphone 'Professional' Tenor Banjo

Glasgow, G13***, UNITED KINGDOM


Offered for sale is my VEGA Vegaphone 'Professional' Tenor Banjo, Serial Number: 85083 which dates its manufacture to 1926. Manufactured by the Vega Company in Boston, Mass. USA. The banjo has the 'Tubaphone' tone ring, has 28 tension hooks, and is gold plated although the plating is wearing thin in some places. I have played this instrument for over thirty years, and the tone has been much admired. This is an opportunity to acquire a quality instrument.... more

1985 Fender Japan Katana

Glasgow, G5***, UNITED KINGDOM


Something a little Quirky here - A 1985 Fender Katana, a very unconventional take on a Flying V
Maple glued-in neck
Bound rosewood fingerboard with offset triangle markers
629mm (24 75 " ) scale with 22 frets
Uncovered Fender humbucker pickups
1 Volume, TBX tone control & 3 way toggle switch
Fender system 1 tremolo unit
Gun Metal Blue finish
1st fret neck depth - 0 83 "
12th fret neck depth - 0 92 "
Condition Report:
This shred... more

1983 Squier Japan SQ series stratocaster - Olympic White

Glasgow, G5***, UNITED KINGDOM


This is a 1983 Squier Japan SQ Series Stratocaster, finished in a stunning Olympic White, topped with a lovely Maple fretboard
If your unaware of the history on these then do some research
If your sitting there thinking, jeez, that price for a Squier. Do some research
These are the 2nd Year Japanese run guitars. Only topped by the 82 JV models which go for alot more these days
The spec on this one
Ash body - Finished in Olympic White
Maple neck
Stock Japanese Fender ... more

1983 Tokai Breezysound metallic pink

Glasgow, G5***, UNITED KINGDOM


Easy Peasy Breezysound - TheTokai take on the tele from 1983

Ash Body in stunning rare metallic pink finish
Maple neck
Stock pickups
Replaced switch & capacitor
1st fret neck depth - 0 83??
12th fret neck depth - 0 97??
Weight - 7lb 4oz

Condition report:
A previous owner replaced thecontrol plate and neck plate with engraved versions. Frets have somewear but nothing needing attentuion and has some age related chips and dings
Set up with ... more

Ephiphone Emporer Regent

Glasgow, G75***, UNITED KINGDOM


Ephiphone Emporer Regent for Sale
Stunning hollow body jazz style guitar
Looks and plays great   Some of these are on sale for over £1200 so come grab a bargain! Missing the truss rod cover as shown in the photos and has a brand new tail piece.
Any questions or for more information just let me know
... more

Gypsey Jazz Guitar By Rene Gerome Circa 1950 And New Case

Glasgow, G3***, UNITED KINGDOM


Gypsey Jazz Guitar By Rene Gerome Circa 1950 And New Case artisan rm 738 luthier fabrique de guitares lovely wee guitar just restrung sounds amazing don't want to sell but need the cash any wear iscommensurate with age and there is hardly any it is in lovely condition excellent build quality pays great a proper instrument thanks . Robert also postage is free to all UK mainland addresses thankyou
... more

1980 Ibanez Blazer BL300 + Gig Bag

Glasgow, G61***, UNITED KINGDOM


For sale is this gorgeous 1980 Made in Japan Ibanez Blazer BL300. This has been recently refurbished to a high standard. It looks, plays and sounds superb Unusually this has a white pickguard and at some point had a white finish which had been removed by a previous owner. The BL300 model only came in 2 finishes - Natural and Traditional Violin - both of which came with black pickguards
In any case the refurbishment has included:Sanding back the body and applying a dark grain filler to ... more

Vintage Wilkes 6 String Banjo With Case

Glasgow, G52***, UNITED KINGDOM


Vintage Wilkes 6 String Banjo With Case This banjo is very rare and appears to be in good will need strings condition .Unsure if it's serviced but all looks solid enough ,try to be honest happy to answer any more questions
... more

Classic Fender Guitar FC- 10 Nice Collectors Item 1960-70 See Images FF Details

Glasgow, G42***, UNITED KINGDOM


Vintage Classic Fender Guitar FC- 10
Nice Collectors Item
See Images for the Finer Details.

Classical Acoustic Fender Guitar


I have many items for sale New & Old, Collectable and none Collectable .
Please feel free to browse through the many items that i have listed for Auction & Sale .

Everything Must Go , Due To ill Health

I purchased all my Designer items... more

Shin-ei Companion Classic Guitar Pick-Up SMC-70 vintage 70??s

Glasgow, G43***, UNITED KINGDOM


Shin-ei Companion Classic Guitar Pick-Up SMC-70 vintage 70??s.... more

Bass Guitar, 1980, MIJ, Vantage (Matsumoku Factory)

Glasgow, G61***, UNITED KINGDOM


This rare electric bass guitar by Vantage was manufactured in 1980 at the Matsumoku Factory in Japan. It is a right-handed instrument with a solid body type and is perfect for musicians looking for a high-quality bass guitar. 31 5?? scale length is slightly shorter than a Fender P-Bass but is solid and has a rich deep tone. This particular model has been previously used but its excellent craftsmanship and timeless design make it a great addition to any collection. Walnut stripes in the body. ... more

Gretsch Guitar Parts Joblot- Pickup Surrounds / Switch Tips / Etc. - New And Used

Glasgow, G42***, UNITED KINGDOM


Various Gretsch guitar parts including an old nut, two vintage pickup surrounds ( slightly Broken)

Also two new switch tips, dice strap buttons and all parts selector switch nuts.

Any questions please ask.

... more