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Vintage guitars for sale: Ireland

Vintage guitars for sale Ireland

1972 Fender Telecaster Custom electric guitar with original case.

Firies, Killarney,, 0****, IRELAND


1973 Fender Telecaster Custom with original case. This is the real thing - not a reissue. Pickups on this are very different to the recent reissues, and it sounds like a real Tele, with the addition of the HB pickup at the neck. Case is original too, and these are very hard to find these days
Internally, this guitar has had a small rout (which of course cannot be seen), and has has a small hole drilled in the pickguard for a switch. This has been plugged by a plastic plug and is hard to see,... more

Beautiful Vintage 1966 Martin D18 Acoustic Guitar

Terenure, Dublin, IRELAND


This is a gorgeous 1966 vintage Martin D-18 that I bought in the US. Derrick Nelson (the world-class luthier in Marley Park) did a setup on it to get it in great shape so it plays beautifully. It has all original parts including the original Grover tuners and the original hard shell case with blue interior. It's got a sweet sound with fantastic dynamic range - lovely for both strumming and finger-picking. I used it for recording and it sounds amazing on record. It's a treat to play and a real ... more

Electric Guitar 1976 Music Man Sabre ll guitar with case

Firies, Killarney,, 0****, IRELAND


1976 Music Man Sabre ll guitar with case.
1976 Music Man Sabre electric guitar for sale here, with case. Made in USA. Hard enough to date these, but this seems to be from the first year of MM production, 1976-1977. This makes it one of the first-ever Music Man instruments. Obviously pre-Ernie Ball, this was designed by the great man himself, Leo Fender, who described it as "the best guitar he'd ever designed " . This is of the instruments Leo Fender designed and made with his new company ... more