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Vintage guitars for sale: Mississippi

Vintage guitars for sale Mississippi

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Gretsch 6122 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman 1963 - Walnut Brown

Jackson, Mississippi, 392**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Ever wanted to play just like George Harrison? You probably can??t. But you can certainly get a big piece of the sound with this beautiful 1963 Gretsch Country Gentleman. This one is in great shape. It, as most vintage Gretsches do, does have plenty of binding crumble on the body. Thankfully, the neck binding is in excellent shape. It does have some natural tarnish and wear on the hardware. It sets ups nice and plays well. Pickups sound great with the classic Filtertron sound. Outside of the ... more

Gibson 1978 Mk81 Acoustic Guitar

Long Beach, Mississippi, 395**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Extremely rare 1978 Gibson mk81. Based on the serial number I'm pretty sure 1978 is the correct year . this guitar had a very limited number produced and you don't see them too often. Almost never in fact. This particular guitar is in great shape compared to others  I've seen. There is a few dings on it. Some of the binding is lifting but not too bad. There's a few other small issues that are all highlighted in the pic. This guitar plays super clean . Would sound amazing if acoustic pickups... more

1973 Fender Champ Silverface Amplifier

Gulfport, Mississippi, 395**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Practically like new all originalSounds great ready to plug and Play... more

Signed mandolin string instrument

Poplarville, Mississippi, 394**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Bean blossom mandolin by Morgan Monroe
Signed by Jesse McRynolds and Alan Sibley
In great condition with case
... more

1965 Gibson GA - 15 Rvt, Reverb, Trem, Orig Pedal, Fully Serviced, Superb Tone

Tupelo, Mississippi, 388**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Vintage 1965 Gibson Explorer GA - 15 Rvt Tube Amp, With Reverb, Tremelo, Original Footswitch, Fully Serviced, Superb Condition
Details -
Vintage 1965 Gibson 12 watt 1x10 Tube Amp in EXCELLENT condition with original footswitch
This amp has been gone through and fully serviced by a reputable, professional, amp technician and has been recapped and updated with a 3 prong cable for safety and to keep it going for 50+ more years with no service needs
You won't have to take it in and ... more

Vintage Kingston Hollow Body Electric Guitar - 1960s

Jackson, Mississippi, 392**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Here??s a very cool vintage Kingston electric guitar. This one has an extremely lightweight hollow body construction that makes it a breeze to play. Pickups have that good classic 60s Japanese sound. Set up with a 3 way switch and Vol & Tone knob. It??s all working well, although the middle position does sound like it goes straight to bridge instead of both. You can see from the last picture that it was obviously shimmed by someone long ago, but it sets up and plays really well - so we left ... more

Vintage Lotus "P" Bass Style Guitar, 1980s, Metallic Blue / Black Burst Finish

Florence, Mississippi, 390**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


I have not tested this guitar. There are some scratches on the bottom of the guitar where the strap would attach. It looks as if it has been touched up. Overall it looks in really good condition.
... more