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Vintage guitars for sale: Vermont

Vintage guitars for sale Vermont

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1957 Fender Musicmaster Guitar

Burlington, Vermont, 054**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Selling my beloved all original 1957 Fender Musicmaster in desert sand w / gold guard, a V neck & maple fret board. This guitar sounds & plays incredible and the V neck is so comfy and well worn in. The neck feels like you??re shaking hands with your best friend. This guitar is a 22 5 scale and has such a wonderful sounding original neck pickup. This guitar features a desert sand finish that??s worn in all the right places. This guitar has much players wear on the body and neck (use ... more

Baycu Bacon Pony Fretless Banjo #2208

Cuttingsville, Vermont, 057**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


This is a true Pony size five string with an original 1925 Bacon No 2 Banjo Ukulele and my custom shaded curly maple neck to match The Bacon rim and original head is eight inches in diameter and the neck is twelve inches from nut to rim, exactly as S S. Stewart intended for his Pony Concert banjo.
Often in this era, all shorter five stringers seemed to be labeled as a "Pony " . Beware
The scale length of Stewart's Pony banjos and this banjo is around eighteen inches, ... more

1959 Gibson Melody Maker 3 / 4 Scale and Case, all original, exceptional condition

Burlington, Vermont, 054**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


We have a rare 1959 Melody Maker 3 / 4 scale guitar in near mint condition. Has very few signs of playwear, no lacquer cracking andis in exceptional condition for the year. The guitar spent most of its life in the case under a bed for over 50 years and it shows. The guitar is all original and untouched, and has its original gray gator case also in near mint condition. The guitar plays very well with asuper fast neck, and has that late 50's Gibson sound. Nicest one I've seen in this shape.... more

1965 Gibson ES-125 DC W / Custom Rubber Bridge Included

Burlington, Vermont, 054**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Selling my 1965 Gibson ES125 that I had a modified adjustable rubber bridge added to it and a 1950??s Bigsby trem. If the rubber bridge thing isn??t your vibe , the guitar also comes w / the original bridge, trap tailpiece, pickguard and hardcase. This guitar has 2 wonderful sounding & original p90??s & The neck is so comfy and not huge in profile. It??s strung with .11 gauge flatwounds and sounds gorgeous and woody. The neck has had a headstock repair long ago by a pro and is rock ... more

Guild F50-R Jumbo 1977 made in USA

Readsboro, Vermont, 053**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Guild F50-R Jumbo 1977 made in USA
With their large, rounded bodies, jumbo acoustic guitars have been a Guild specialty ever since the venerable F-50 model debuted in 1954 as the king of the original Guild flat-top line. Since then, Guild has earned and enjoyed a fine legacy of jumbo guitar models prized for their volume, projection, balance and warmth, and today their sound is richer and more powerful than ever
Rosewood back and sides Mahogany neck in good shape for being 46 years old ... more

Baycu Fretless Piccolo Banjo S / N 1904

Cuttingsville, Vermont, 057**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Seven inch vintage spun rim and hardware with original faux rosewood rim finish. Baycu Cherry Neck with heavy ebony fingeboard and overlay with very colorful Stewart style abalone Inlays, bone nut and pip. Heavy tension hoop, custom solid Brass Tailpiece, ala Stewart. Ten inch neck and fifteen inch scale length with slender neck similar to Stewart
Intonation on small scaled Fretted instruments can be difficult. On a Fretless instrument one can get the exact notes much easier, as well as the ... more

Vintage Sound Amps Vintage 15 All Tube Princeton Reverb Amplifier USA Hand Wired

Vergennes, Vermont, 054**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Vintage Sound Amps 15 "(AA1164) Black Face" in beautiful shape. The amp sounds as good or better than any vintage Princeton Reverb plus a 12" Weber alnico speaker and a midrange control! Beautiful custom cabinet!
Vintage Sound Amps pays tribute to the classic amps of the 50??s and 60??s. Our philosophy in amp building is very simple. With our designs, we did not set out to build a clone. We only took the most sought after features and tone from the early classics amps and made ... more

Baycu Fretless Piccolo Banjo S / N 2209

Cuttingsville, Vermont, 057**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


This is a Baycu neck carved from vintage mahogany and matched to a 1950's Dixie Banjo Ukulele Metal Rim. The neck length is ten inches (fingerboard length) and the rim is 6 75 inches in diameter. The scale length is 14 75 inches and the overal length is 22 5 " .
The fingerboard and overlays are high quality Gaboon ebony with Pearl markers at the 3, 5,7, 10, 12, 15 fret positions. The nut and pip are made of bone
The rim is a Dixie brand cast metal and chrome plated Banjo Ukulele rim made... more

Marshall SV20C Studio Vintage 1x10" 20 / 5-watt Tube Combo Amp

Bellows Falls, Vermont, 051**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


*MINT* - as new condition, Marshall studio vintage 20 / 5 W combo amplifier. I've had this amp for two years and it has never left my home, it is in pristine condition in a non-smoking environment.
... more

Vintage Gibson 1974 Marauder  with new discount!  A rare Gibson model.  

Rutland, Vermont, 057**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Vintage Gibson 1974 Marauder
World Traveler!
Conductive paint is applied to the inside of the cavity
Per Guitar data project #40848 is a 1974
This fine guitar has been around the world a few times. With a professional band. It has been well played and also well loved. So it is a players instrument. The tuners and bridge pickup have been changed. It sounds and plays just fine. Some play wear can be seen. However it is almost 50 years old! Great output. Played... more

Lange Solo Banner Blue Banjo Ukulele

Cuttingsville, Vermont, 057**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


A mating of an original Lange Solo Rim and Resonator with flange, and a nearly identical Lange Banner Blue neck, both constructed of walnut and with unusual green laminations
The Banner Blue neck has Brass heart inlays and a 14 inch scale, longer than the original Solo neck. It is now securely attached with matching dowel stick and neck brace(from the Banner Blue neck)
The hardware is completely original on the Solo rim with excellent plating and unusual Knurled nuts. The rim is under 7"... more


East Dover, Vermont, 053**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


1922 Gibson Mando-Banjo. Has 1 broken tuner otherwise appears to be in good working condition. The original case is in poor shape. Shaft for broken tuner in in the case
... more

Sterling Banjo Ukulele 006

Cuttingsville, Vermont, 057**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


A lovely eight inch Chicago based Slingerland banjo ukulele from the 1920s. Maple neck and rim with heavy hardware in shiny condition. Original hardware and tuners, Renaissance head, fourteen inch scale. This is a great player as well as vintage banjo that is built to last. With an excellent arch top well fitting case
International bidders welcome
Thanks for looking!
... more

Clarophone Piccolele 012 - Mini Vintage 5 String Banjo

Cuttingsville, Vermont, 057**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


This is a small 5 string banjo that converted from a 1920's banjo uke
Very fun to play. Calfskin head with 13" scale and 7" rim. Friction tuners
With a lovely hard shell well fitting case
... more

Rolando Piccolele 109 - Mini 21" Vintage 5 String Banjo

Cuttingsville, Vermont, 057**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


This is a "Piccolele " , or a vintage Banjo Ukulele converted to a 5 string banjo, slightly smaller than Stewart's Piccolo banjos. This is a "bracketless" banjo made in California from the 1920's with laminated maple and walnut block 7 inch rim and a 5 5 inch head. These are often labeled "Rolando " , and sport a very unusual tension method for the head. The ring is pushed up into the skin from underneath to tighten.
These models also have a pie plate back with spacers which... more

1950s Kay 6 string Parlor Guitar With Case

Waterville, Vermont, 054**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA