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Vintage guitars for sale: Alembic

Welcome to vintage Alembic guitars for sale, where you can discover the exquisite craftsmanship and electronic wizardry. If you're seeking vintage Alembic guitars, you've come to the right place. As a renowned name in the realm of electric instruments, Alembic has been crafting exceptionally stylish guitars for decades, with that distinctive Alembic look. When you buy an Alembic guitar, you join a lineage of esteemed musicians who have shaped the musical landscape.

From their signature body shapes and stunning finishes to the hand-wound pickups and custom electronics, every aspect of an Alembic guitar or bass showcases the brand's dedication to creating instruments of uncompromising quality and tone. Vintage Alembic basses were meticulously designed and built to perfection, with an unparalleled sonic palette. When you buy an Alembic guitar, you're not just acquiring an instrument; you're investing in a piece of musical heritage.

These instruments exude the charm and character of the early 1970s a period that witnessed the rise of Alembic as a pioneer in electric instrument manufacturing. It was during this time that renowned musicians like Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead and Jack Casady of Jefferson Airplane began harnessing the unique tonal possibilities and versatility of Alembic guitars. Through the decade Alembic guitars found favor among notable artists like John McVie of Fleetwood Mac and Stanley Clarke, the acclaimed jazz bassist.

Experience the same vintage magic with these vintage Alembic guitars for sale!

1970??s SG Bradley Aria Greco Ibanez Style Nice Refinish MIJ Japan Alembic Bridge

Flower Mound, Texas, 750**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Mid 1970??s Bradley SG Copy made by Matsumoku. This model is the same as the Aria, Greco, Burny, Ibanez, just to name a few
The guitar and neck have just been refinished and new parts added
It has a mahogany body with maple caps front and rear. The neck is a 21 fret 3 piece maple with the open book headstock
Brand new Gotoh MIJ Gold Keystone tuners
Brand new Epiphone ProBucker 4 wire humbucker pickups in gold
The rest of the electronics are all original
It has a vintage ... more

Alembic Series I / II 4 string long scale Bass guitar 1975 Zebrawood

Evergreen, Colorado, 804**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


1975 Alembic Series I with series II upgrades
This bass is in excellent condition and perfect playing order. It was upgraded to feature Series II controls at some point. (2x CVQ and Master Volume - upgrades were done by Alembic)
This is a phenomenal example of an early Alembic Series I. It is in remarkable condition and is sure to make the new owner very happy.
Year: 1975
Scale length: 34" Long
Fingerboard Wood: Ebony
Inlays: Abalone Ovals
Strings: MTD
Machine Heads: ... more

Alembic bass Guitar / 1975 Series II Rare, all bells and whistles!

Franklin, Massachusetts, 020**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Alembic bass Guitar / 1975 Series II. Made in 1975 at Alembic, Inc , Rohnert Park, CA, the instrument has the date and serial number (#150) stamped at the top of the headstock
The bass is a short scale (31??) Series 2, Alembic??s top of the line instrument, which includes LED fret markers, gold plated hardware, and their best electronics. The five-piece neck is mahogany and maple, the body panels have a maple core with koa veneers, and the fretboard is ebony
The bass is in very good ... more




* brass with gold plating
* E & A saddles are cut OFF CENTER=check pics
... more

70er Jahre Alembic J Bass Pickup - Made in USA



70's ALEMBIC J BASS PICKUP - made in USA :
* 1 pickup ONLY
* cover has cracks=check all pics
* reads 8, 7 K

Alembic 6 String Series One Long Scale Guitar 1978 - Coco Bolo, VGC

Richmond, TW10***, UNITED KINGDOM


Alembic 6 String Series One Long Scale Guitar 1978 - Coco Bolo, VGC.
Top: Coco Bolo
Back: Coco Bolo
Core: Mahogany
Neck: Maple & Purple Heart
Veneers: Walnut
Serial Number: 78 / 1256
Documentation: Original bill of sale (Sept 5th, 1978) (pictured)
Unused for the past 20 years, this instrument comes in its original carry case with original power supply and is in good condition. There is one small mark (approx. 3mm x 1 5mm) on the back and a scratch (approx. 6mm x ... more