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Vintage guitars for sale: Gretsch Acoustic

Vintage guitar acoustic electric Airline Supro Gibson martin String gretsch Armr

629.00 Buy now. --------------------
 S A L E  Estate Just reduced $100. In price - 5.27
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 A Tight Clean Vintage Airline Acoustic / Electric Guitar. Records show many Airline guitars were built or Mfg. by Supro w / vintage "Big Chunk" aged 50's sparkle Guard material, 634.50 buy now on hold - LIMITED TIME SALE - sale 384.54  for BUY NOW - SPECIAL! A great rare Vintage Airline Guitar with a 3 point pickup installed and working ... more

Vintage Gretsch guitar acoustic spruce archtop catseye green Dearmond Electric

$11, 300. sale. just $9330.00 make offer added Vintage Gretsch RARE Custom Color GREEN FINISH Catseye Acoustic Guitar A gem that will be the cornerstone of your G R E T S C H collection With amazing electronics! A rare SOLID SPRUCE CATSEYE acoustic. An amazing, solid, well balanced, vintage rare handmade USA guitar Email offers to widow of owner. asap. • VINTAGE CATSEYE - ORIGINAL FINISH • BIG VINTAGE PROJECTING TONE! • ORIGINAL OLD GUITAR TAKEN CARE OF • DEEP RICH / AND BRIGHT ... more

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