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Vintage guitars for sale: Kalamazoo

The word Kalamazoo, in guitar circles at least, is synonomous with quality. Kalamazoo was, of course, the American town in which Orville Gibson started producing musical instruments, and the birthplace of all those classic models for which the brand is known. In the 1930s and early 1940s Gibson also built guitars branded Kalamazoo. These were acoustic models built in the same plant, by the same workforce.

Jump forward to the 1960s, and the massive desire for student grade electric guitars lead Gibson to briefly revive the Kalamazoo brand. This time they took a leaf from Fender's book, designing easy-assembled instruments using quality Gibson parts, and finished by a largely unskilled workforce in a separate plant from the high end guitars bearing the Gibson name. These were great instruments for the price, though not of the quality of the earlier Kalamazoo guitars.

Vintage 1978 Gibson CTS Pots wiring Harness from Kalamazoo

Here we have a Vintage Gibson CTS pots harness (I am not 100% sure what guitar model this was intended to go into, FEEL FREE TO INFORM ME) straight from the Kalamazoo Factory. I don't believe this ever made it into an instrument before we bought it. This has 4 CTS pots that are dated 1978, A 4 way rotating switch and instrument input jack.See photos for condition and please contact us for any further details.This item falls under our vintage / used policy, and is therefore ineligible for return.... more

Vintage 1959 Epiphone Sheraton Hardshell Case 1958 Casino Kalamazoo Thinline 60

Vintage Correct Parts is proud to offer, for your consideration, A completely original and fantastic Vintage 1958 - 1959 Epiphone Sheraton Hardshell Case These late 50's Tweed Sheraton cases are SUPER rare. The only one we've ever had for sale, so don't miss out. This case is 100% original and one of the nicer one's we've ever seen. Blue Lined interior. Exterior is in fine shape with some fraying on the lower butt area All original latches function fine Original leather handle is in perfect ... more

Vintage Gibson Kalamazoo Banjo Mandolin, Banjolin By Gibson

Beautiful antique Kalamazoo Bajo Madolin 8 string By Gibson Known also as the (banjolin).The Banjolin is in great shape with very little makes as can be seen in pictures.Strings are in good shape, and come with extra 4 new packages of string that are not shown in pictures.Case is in rough shape with damaged hinges as seen in picture.I do not know what year it is made, but believe they were made starting 1933... more


Super Rare! Here is a NOS late 19-teens through 1920's Gibson mandolin / mandola pickguard bracket. Nickel-plated and stamped with the patent date "PAT. JULY 4, 1911" from the Gibson Kalamazoo plant. These were used on both "A" and "F" style mandolins. The bracket is adjustable to accommodate differences in body thickness. Please note that this bracket does NOT have the extra hole (for the blind nut and threaded rod) between the two mounting holes. (You can see this in the first two pictures.) I... more

1974 Gibson j40 j 40 vintage kalamazoo guitar

Here is a 74 vintage Kalamazoo Gibson j40 vintage dreadnought guitar in 7 / 10 players condition. Has a few luthier repaired cracks on body face and side. See pics. Guitar has orig. bridge with saddle shaved down for action, sounds good with good action. "Only a Gibson is good enough" Great players guitar for camp fire playing and jamming. Don't miss out on [BUY IT NOW] for this great priced vintage Gibson guitar. We have sold hundreds of guitars and amps on ebay. Guitar will be securely packed ... more

1966 66 Gibson b25 b 25 kalamazoo vintage guitar

Here is a 66 vintage Kalamazoo Gibson b25 x braced vintage blues box guitar in 7 / 10 players condition. Has one crack on body. See pic. Guitar has orig. adjustable bridge and plays, sounds great with great action. "Only a Gibson is good enough" Great players guitar for camp fire playing and jamming. We have sold hundreds of guitars and amps on ebay. Guitar will be securely packed for shipping. No case.... more

Kalamazoo KG11 Senior 1942

Built in Kalamazoo, MI, these high quality, superbly made instruments were built right alongside their Gibson siblings and feature many similarities. One characteristic that Kalamazoo acoustics do not share with their Gibson brethren is the high price of admission. Higher up on the food chain in the Kalamazoo line, the Senior is the more ornately adorned big brother to the KG-11. Boasting binding front and rear, fire striped pickguard and a small, tight sunburst finish, the Senior is dressed to ... more

Vintage 1939 Carson J Robison Kalamazoo KG-14 Acoustic Guitar Sunburst w / Case

ITEM DESCRIPTION Vintage 1939 Carson J Robison Kalamazoo KG-14 Acoustic Guitar Sunburst w / Case 8TEN1944 SKU: 5240954038 Vintage 1939 Carson J Robison KG-14 Acoustic Guitar.Vintage original 1930's Kalamazoo Carson J Robinson made by Gibson in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. Sounds INCREDIBLE! Super warm, loud, and resonant. Has a few repaired cracks, common on any guitar this age. Carson J Robinson was the Montgomery Ward label for this model, same as Kalamazoo but sold through Montgomery Ward. This... more

Gibson Ripper 1975 Ebony original built at Kalamazoo factory with original case

This was a hard-working touring instrument from 1975 to 1999 when I bought it at a guitar show in Tulsa, OK. It smelled heavily of cigarette tar and now has just a whiff of that past life. The guitar is in perfect playing condition and as far as I can tell is nearly completely original 1975 Ripper, missing the bridge cover, bridge replaced with aftermarket BADASS bridge, heavy belt buckle wear, and scuffs you would expect from an instrument that has been played tons. Serial number 574643. Bonus ... more

Vintage Kalamazoo 1930's Pre War Gibson EH-150 Lap Steel Guitar W / OHSC

This is a Really cool Kalamazoo Lap Steel The Lap is in very nice condition and comes with original case and also come with a few slides and accessories. This seems to be an early Kalamazoo definitely Gibson Made.. seems to be in the ET-125 style series.. The instrument seems to be all original one knob is black and one is brown some play wear and tear. a really cool Krackle finish.. The Brown burst finish is really nice. has nice vivid color The lap works and plays.. Might need some ... more

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