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Vintage guitars for sale: Gibson Thunderbird

The Gibson Thunderbird was designed by Roger Rossmeisl and debuted in 1963. Like Gibson's earlier trio of space-age designs (Explorer, Flying V and Moderne), it was perhaps a little too far ahead of it's time, and only sold in small numbers. After complaints from Fender it was redesigned in 1965, to feature a non-reverse body style, but again this version did not sell well. Like the forementioned trio, it came of age in the 1970s, and has arguably become Gibson's most icomic bass model, highly desireable amongst players and collectors alike.

What to look out for: By far the most desireable Tbirds are the original reverse body examples, produced between 1963 and 1965, especially in non-standard finishes (ie, not sunburst). Later 60s reverse body models are also highly prized (again, especially in custom colours. The 1976-1979 (bicentennial) reissues are also rapidly increasing in price. All three of these issues were produced in relatively small numbers. Post 1987 Thunderbirds are comparitively common, and whilst of little interest to collectors are still highly regarded work horses in rock bands wordwide.

1977 Gibson Bi-Centennial THUNDERBIRD BASS Natural

Add Me to Your Favorite Sellers Olivia's Vintage would like to present this 1977 Gibson Bi-Centennial Thunderbird Bass in its original Natural finish. It has a great playing neck with great frets. It's all original with the exception of the plastic back cover, and is 100% complete including both original chrome covers and the original hardshell case. This vintage Thunderbird looks great with minor nicks dings, and other minor cosmetic wear. Everything remains structurally sound with no cracks,... more

1976 Bicentennial Gibson Thunderbird bass with original H.S.C.

For sale is an excellent condition Thunderbird. It’s a true 1976, even though Bicentennials ran through 79. Have screws for bridge and pick up covers, but covers are gone. Pick guard is not faded, chrome is in great condition. There is little-to-no buckle rash, and comes in original hard shell case. Front strap button has been relocated at some point. A common thing to do on these basses. But it is back in its original position. There is what appears to be a heavy scratch along the side of the... more

Gibson 1976 Bi-Centennial Thunderbird electric Bass guitar

Howdy Folks, Here we have a 1976 Gibson Bi-Centennial Thunderbird electric Bass guitar SN# 00243855. In on consignment is this very clean 1976 Bi centennial Thunderbird IV Bass in natural finish. The bass is missing the neck pickup cover. Neck through body is straight, strong, and resonate. This bass projects, and you will cut through and be heard if that is your intention. Bass will arrive in the original case. Guitar is in very good overall condition. It does have some strap button issues ... more

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