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Vintage guitars for sale: BC Rich Mockingbird

BC Rich is a brand naturally associated with rock and metal - but the brand emerged from the workshop of luthier Bernardo Chavez Rico, who had been making flamenco guitars in LA throughout the sixties. Ultimately, BC Rich production would move to Asia, but the early US-built guitars are highly prized by players and collectors alike. The through-neck construction of many BC Rich guitars, combined with early active electronics produced guitar tones very much suited to the early 80s metal scene.

Models to look out for: Seagull, Eagle, Mockingbird, Rich Bich

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vintage 1982 BC Rich Mockingbird Bass Guitar

1982 Pearl white Mockingbird 4 string bass. It is in excellent condition except one small ding that has been repaired. In solid condition and working order. It comes with it's original case and BC Rich strap. It has been stored away for a numberyears. It has been check out for working condition. If you have any question let me know.... more

BC Rich Mockingbird bass guitar USA Koa 1977 B.C.

June 1977 Koa Mock, restored by Neal Moser guitars in 2014, new cocobolo fretboard with cloud inlays, Dimarzio Model G pickups and Moser circuit as well as new clear coat, bass is excellent condition , little to no wear. Never any structural damage the issue was previous owner made it into a fretless and planed the board down as well as put EMG's in it (before pics included). Brand new Roadrunner case included... more

1980's BC Rich Mockingbird Metallic Blue w / Gig Bag

1980's BC Rich Mockingbird Metallic Blue w / Gig Bag 1980's BC Rich Mockingbird Metallic Blue w / Gig Bag B.C. Rich is an American brand of acoustic and electric guitars and bass guitars founded by Bernardo Rico in 1969. The company started to make electric guitars in the 1970s that were notable for their atypical body shapes. In the following decade B.C. Rich gained a broader exposure with the popularity of heavy metal and has since often been linked to that music scene.  We believe ... more

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