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Vintage guitars for sale: Vox Mark

The Vox Mark series is the correct name for the guitars more often referred to as Vox teardrops. Initially these guitars were named the Phantom mk III (although this was not the same guitar as the Vox Phantom

Vintage Vox Student Prince Electric Guitar With Teardrop Case Made In Italy

Here is a Vox Student Prince electric guitar Made in the 60s Made in Italy Great condition Neck is great. A few dents and dings. This does not have the big clear coat cracks that most of the Vox do. Comes with original Vox teardrop case. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.... more

1960' VOX Mark IX 9-string Solid Body Guitar - very, very good condition

A 1960's era VOX MARK IX 9-string solid body guitar Please review all photos carefully to fully assess the condition of this wonderful guitar! (The wire seen in the photos is used only for hanging the guitar from a side-wall peg.) The guitar - This beautiful Tobacco-burst guitar is in very, very good condition. It has some bumps and scrapes here and there (mostly on the lower body, rear edge - see photos). I am a collector, not really a player - but I LOVE playing this guitar - it fits my hand ... more

1968 VOX Spitfire Mk.VI Teardrop Hollow Body the 1st we've seen made in England.

WE ARE FLORIDA'S OLDEST VINTAGE GUITAR SHOP ! 1968 VOX Spitfire Mk.VI Teardrop ultra rare hollow body Wyman type from the U.K. This wild UK made example of Vox’s Teardrop bodied “Wyman” style guitar is the rarest Vox we have ever encountered, its Sunburst finish has some good play time w / lots of weather checking over its cool white bound hollow body, its maple neck has a white bound / block inlaid rose fingerboard like a Jazzmaster & very unique to any Vox guitar or bass, its 3 pickups ... more

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