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Vintage guitars for sale: Left Handed

1968 402S Standel Hollowbody Electric Guitar With Case Bob Crooks

A very nice Standel 402S from the Bob Crooks Standel Company, the self proclaimed rival of Leo Fender in the 60's. This guitar has had two owners for its entire life and has barely been played. Very uncommon to find in this condition with only minor surface scrathing. The pick up selector switch does stick on occasion but works with a little persuasion. A very minor repair if you are buying this guitar to play, but we felt compelled to leave it as is to be original for the collector. These just ... more

Fender 2000 American Standard Stratocaster Left Hand -Black, Maple Neck Used

■Coller:Black ■Body:Alder ■Neck:1 Piece MaplePickup : American Standard Strat Single-Coil (Flat Polepiece) ×3 ■Pick up:Americanl Standard Single-Coil Strat ×3■ Flet Remainder:80%■A trass rod: OK ■Control:Volime×2、Tone×1■Weight:3.6kg■attachment:Nothing There are an assembly, a nut, a fret, a knob, strap pin end screw exchange, a strap pin movement trace. A trass rod: OK A wound: Pickpocket wound, metal parts somberness, rust exchange parts / remodeling ... more

Fender Japan ST57-600 Left -hand maed in Japan, Used

You offer the tone that the edge worked for by a combination of bus Wood body and Maple, one piece neck. It is the all-around one which I serve as player booby tea corresponding to the flexibility on area of the width and various place tiles and prepared of the making of sound that can support every genre. The assemblies such as the pick guard ... more

Fender 1974 STRATOCASTER Hardtail model for Left-hand Guitar Player, Vintage

It is Stratocaster of the product made in hardware tale bridge in 1974 of the F key peg specifications of the second version that three points of end neck plates which came up late in '71, rod adjustment with Brett nut established on the head part with it, tuning knob were square-built. ■Coler:Brown Sunburst ■Body:Alder ■Neck:1 Piece Maple ■Pick up:Original Single-Coil Strat ×3 ■Control:Volime×2、Tone×1■Weight:3.3kg■Nutwideth:40.5mm ■attachment:Nothing There ... more

Gibson Les Paul Traditional Left-Hand Ebony 2010 Used in Japan

The traditional series that You adopted specifications of traditional Les Paul, and was made! A popular ebony collar is cool! In usability a bit, it is rare left-handed specifications! Pickpocket wound, knob crack, metal parts somberness, rust ■Coler:Black ■Body:Maple Top, mahogany back ■Neck:Mahogany ■Pick up:'57 Classic x 2■Fret:22F ■Control:Volime×2、Tone×2■Weight:4.4kg■attachment:Hard case,... more

Fender Japan ST57 Left handed Red Used in japan

Fender Japan Left-handed Guitar , Rare. ■Color:Red ■Body:Bathwood ■Neck:Maple ■Pick up:Fender Japan Original Single-Coil Strat ×3■ Flet Remainder:80%■Trass rod: OK ■Control:Volime×2、Tone×1■Weight:3.6kg■attachment:Softcase... more

Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Class 5 Left handed Guitar 2008 Used in Japan

There is little usability for the generation and is the good one of the states.The fret is left more than 90%, and, in curve which You seem to be worried about to the neck, there are none. You confirm that both directions can operate the trass rod.The electric relations are in state that it is good without the gullies of the knob. Original hard case (there is a note) guarantee attachment. The unique looks that gangs are different from normal LP Standard including, the binding of a crown inlay ... more

Fender Mexico Standard Stratocaster left hand -Brown Sunburst 2000 Used in japan

Age type: It is made in 2000The fret remainder: 90%Trass rod: OKA wound: Body side painting miss (tag up), pickpocket wound, sticker trace, , parts somberness exchange parts Remodeling point is None ■Coller:Blown sunburst ■Body:Alder ■Neck:Maple ■Pick up:Standard Single-Coil Strat ×3■ Flet Remainder:90%■Trass rod: OK ■Control:Volime×2、Tone×1■Weight:3.6kg■attachment:Nothing There are an assembly, a nut, a fret, a knob, strap pin end screw exchange, a strap ... more

Fender Custom Shop 2010 '60 Stratocaster Relic Left Hand Used in Japan

Custom shop '60, Stratocaster Relic Guitar, made in 2010 It is made in custom shop with a little number of the production. Painting Burst of a weather check ,and the painting that the whole body contained carefully, a body edge and the neck grip side come off, and is reproduced realistically processing, and it is with the finish letting feel the dignified presence that play it at all for many years and seemed to have been crowded. The neck becomes the thin C shape like the model in 60, and R of ... more

Fender 1972 STRATOCASTER Black Maple neck for Left-hand Guitarist, Vintage

It is original parts Guitar , except nut exchange, fret repair. A rare left-handed model. It is the present for the right hand, but You can go back up only by nut exchange for the left hand. ■Coler:Black ■Body:Alder ■Neck:1 Piece Maple ■Pick up:Original Single-Coil Strat ×3 ■Control:Volime×2、Tone×1■Weight:3.4kg■attachment:Hard case... more

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