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Vintage guitars for sale: Lafayette

1960s Lafayette Guyatone electric guitar Japan

Old Lafayette guitar, likely a Guyatone. Currently strung 12-52 and works fine. The pickups and controls all seem to work but I can't guarantee everything works 100% as it should. Sometimes there's weirdness in these old circuits but I will say the pickups do work and it sounds like an old Japanese guitar. There are two autographs in sharpie and I have no idea whose they are. Lots of finish cracks. The bridge has a chip or two taken out of it but functions. A replacement would work better but ... more

Vintage Lafayette / Guyatone Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitar

LAFAYETTE / GUYATONE semi-acoustic electric guitar excellent condition play action is low and light a few nicks @ head and seems like a weather crack line @ neck join This is a very rare guitar I've been looking online for 2yrs and haven't found one the Lafayette name sticker on head peeled off (still have it will include) their are other screw holes for tailpiece and pickguard and hatbox knobs (no knobs when I got it) neck straight, no fret wear appears to have been stored. I was told by ... more

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