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1988 Charvel Model 1. Very Good Condition with Real Floyd Rose from late 1980s.

Charvel Model #1. 1988. Made in Japan. With an Original Floyd Rose not a Jackson Floyd, also from the 1980s. The original tremolo was the vintage style, in black. I am the original owner, I bought the guitar at Thoroughbred Music and I had the Floyd installed by John O'Boyle at Thoroughbred Music in Tampa. One of the greatest music stores ever. It was a sad day when they close. The guitar in in Very Good Condition with only a few finish flaws. After market pickup, Dean Vinnie Moore Shred Head. ... more

Vintage 1996 Charvel Jackson San Dimas Series Archtop Guitar

Ebay Item Description - Item For Sale In This Listing Authentic 1996 Top of The Line San Dimas Series Charvel Guitar Made in Japan Premium Version From the breed of this Charvel headstock type came the SD-150 made in Japan ( San Dimas Series ). This guitar is the top of the line for that year. In 1995 Jackson released the made in USA San Dimas Series Charvels. In 1996 with the tooling and information provided by the Jackson US shop the Japan Jackson Charvel factory in Nagano Japan squeaked out ... more

1980 BC Rich Bitch USA MADE Son of A Rich Dimarzio Super Distortions Charvel

Here we have a 1980 bc rich bitch.This is the son of a rich series they produced for a few years in the early 80s.All american made and a very solid guitar.You wouldn't know its a bolt on neck from playing it.The finish is nice and not a lot of nicks.These came with the grover imperial tuners and leo quan bridge and super distortions.These are sleeper guitars I think as not many people seem to know about them.I don't know the numbers they produced but it seems to be not a lot.All original and ... more

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