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Vintage guitars for sale: Guild S100

Guild produced a number of quite distinctive solidbody electric guitars in the early and mid 1960s; they were certainly one of Americas most notable guitar manufacturers, up there with Gibson in terms of quality, though not in terms of sales. This is somewhat surprising as they made some incredible guitars, every bit as good as anything available elsewhere - perhaps their distinctive body styles were just too unique? Their Gibson ES-335-styled semi-acoustic Starfire was fairing a little better, and perhaps this was the reason that the Guild solidbody range 'went Gibson' in 1969, taking on the body style of the Gibson SG.

Like the SG, the double cutaway S-100 had a mahogany body and neck, rosewood fingerboard, and was fitted with two humbucking pickups.

Guild had very many skilled craftsmen, and this was highlighted by the acorn/leaf carved guitars, in which an autumnal design was hand carved into the guitars body.

1973 Guild S-100 Deluxe - classic vintage electric guitar, original case, Bigsby

1973 Guild S-100 Deluxe- vintage electric guitar with Bigsby.SN# 87223.walnut . the guitar has plenty of standard wear as far as belt scratches, small nicks, but still looks great, especially for a 44 year old guitar. it has terrific action up and down the neck, and sounds has the classic Guild humbuckers, block fretmarkers, and Grover chrome tuners.The bigsby bar works and sounds great as well.There is a gouge under the Bigsby contraption, so the Bigsby may have been a ... more

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