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Vintage guitars for sale: Gibson SG

The SG is an absolutely classic Gibson model, first shipped in 1961 and available in one form or another ever since. In fact the SG can be considered one of the cornerstone models of Gibson's range for over half a century. There have been numerous models, typically constructed of a mahogany body, set mahogany neck and a rosewood fingerboard. Differences between the models relate to the number of pickups, and pickup type (single coil P90, or dual-coil humbucker), plus decorative inlays on the higher end models. From the single P90-equipped SG Junior to the exceptional three-humbucker SG Custom, although perhaps the best known models are the two pickup SG Special and SG Standard.

A few other short-lived models using the SG body shape were also available, particularly in the early 1970s, typically aimed at the entry-level market, prices being kept low by using less-labour intensive production methods, alder/maple instead of mahogany, and the simplest single-coil or plastic covered humbucking pickups. Models such as the SG-I, SG-II, SG-III, SG-100, SG-200 and SG-250 are considerably harder to find due to their relatively small levels of production, but will often sell at much more affordable prices than the better known models.

Famous users include Pete Townsend, Carlos Santana, George Harrison, Angus Young, Tony Iommi and very many more.

1963 Gibson SG Les Paul Tenor (GIE0998)

false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 1963 Gibson SG Les Paul Tenor, Extremely rare, Possibly the only One ever made! Cherry Red, Ebony fingerboard with Pearl block inlays, "Custom" truss rod cover, Single line Kluson tuners, Sideways Vibrola, Stunning guitar with Hang tags & case key, Excellent condition, Nice original hard case, $17, 995... more

1962 Gibson SG Les Paul (GIE0913)

1962 Gibson SG Les Paul, Cherry Red, Sideways Vibrola, Two great sounding Doyle Coils made by Les Paul's guitar tech, Pro heel repair, Great low action, Attractive and cool guitar! Very good plus condition, Original hard shell case, $9, 495... more

Vintage 1973 Gibson SG Custom 3 Pickup Electric Guitar Walnut w / Original Case

Vintage 1973 Gibson SG Custom 3 Pickup Electric Guitar. A fantastic playing and sounding example of a vintage 3 pickup SG for a nice price. The neck has a slim taper profile that is skinny toward the nut and fattens up as it gets closer to the body. Plays great all the way up and down with a tight, quick action. The pickups are Gibson Humbuckers, 2 from the 80's in the bridge and middle position, and the neck has a '57 classic from the early 90's. They all sound fantastic with a super fat, thick... more

original 1967 Gibson SG Junior Jr CHERRY

Add Me to Your Favorite Sellers Olivia's Vintage would like to present this 1967 Gibson SG Jr in its original Cherry finish. It has a very nice straight neck with great frets. It's all original with the exception of an older set of single-line Kluson tuning keys as this model originally had the cheap set of original tuners Gibson used during the late '60's. It even has its original chipboard case which has a small hole on the bottom edge. This vintage SG Junior looks great with a highly buffed ... more

1983 Gibson SG Special with hard shell case

For sale is a “players” SG. But man can it play! It has amazing low, low action, with incredible tone. I’ve been told it has the original “Shaw” pick-ups. But haven’t verified. It’s a plain, simple guitar that feels great, and looks good with minimal buckle rash. No breaks, cracks, or repairs. Comes in a non-original hard shell case. It screams Vintage! Please send your contact information with any questions and I will get back to you quickly. Shipping cost includes insurance which... more

Collector Alert! 1970 Gibson SG standard

Excellent Sounding! 1970 Gibson SG Standard LAST OF THE GREAT ONES BEFORE GIBSON DID THE CHANGEOVER! 100% ALL ORIGINAL! Original finish with silver plated hardware! Original pickups, pots, bridge, and tailpiece! Original tuners! Original pickguard! No repairs or breaks! She has that Killer Snarly AC / DC Tone! She has a few small dings, and scratches here and there but overall really a very, very nice all original guitar! Comes complete with a hardshell case SHE JUST HAD A COMPLETE PRO SETUP ... more

Gibson SG Standard Vintage Sunburst 1975

Gibson SG Standard Vintage Sunburst 1975 Item Description Who doesn't love a vintage SG? This is a very cool 1975 Gibson SG Standard with a sunburst over a mahogany body and neck. The guitar has a 22-fret ebony fretboard and small block inlays. The guitar has the original humbuckers and Schaller hardware still on it, too! There are some cracks in the finish around the body, including around the input jack and one on the back of the headstock: these are purely in the finish and lacquer, not the ... more

Vintage 1964 Gibson SG Jr custom color white Junior

This is a very rare guitar. According to the book Gibson Shipment Totals 1937 - 1979 they only made 528 Juniors in 1964 and most of them were finished in red. White is considered a custom color on 60's Gibson SGs. 1964 Gibson SG Junior in white. This guitar plays really well, neck joint is nice and tight and does not need to be reset, trussrod works, neck is straight, strings are set low, guitar has very fast action, frets have some player wear but are still in good condition, rosewood ... more

Gibson SG Special 1961 Cherry

I would say this is the cleanest one I've ever seen. Color and condition is stunning on this one. The cherry really pops outside in the light. Smooth heel, 5 digit number starting with a 3, a few small dings, but 9.5 out of 10. Light, resonant, non compensated angled bridge like a 50's Junior, no excuses. Brown gator case, this one is an exceptional SG. Thanks for looking!... more

1963 Gibson SG Les Paul, Cherry Red (GIE1024)

1963 Gibson SG Les Paul, Cherry Red, Rare factory horseshoe Bigsby, One PAF and one Patent number Humbucker, Single line Klusons, Nice big neck recently reset, Ready to enjoy, Very cool instrument!, VG , Original hard case false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4... more

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