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Vintage guitars for sale: '58-'60 Gibson Les Paul Standard

The late fifties sunburst Les Pauls are some of the most desireable electric guitars of all time. Made famous by the likes of Eric Clapton (during the John Mayalls Bluesbreakers and early Cream days), Jimmy Page (Led Zep), Jeff Beck (Yardbirds) and Paul Kossoff (Free), these guitars pretty much defined the electric blues rock sound of the 1960s and 1970s. Although not as rare as some collectable Gibson models, these can sell for absolutely huge sums, and are at #3 in Vintage Guitar magazine's most valuable guitar list.

Vintage 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Burst Cali Girl 5-latch Case MINT 1960 58

Vintage Correct Parts is proud to offer, for your consideration, A fantastic and original Vintage 1959 "Cali Girl" Les Paul Standard "Burst" Case Thanks for looking! VCP is offering what is, without question, the cleanest 1959 5-latch Cali Girl Burst case you will EVER see. We'll let the pictures do the talking, but if your $250k Burst was orphaned from it's case, or if the case was rode hard and put away wet, THIS is the case you need . lord knows we'll never find another in this condition. The... more

1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Lifton case

1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Lifton case All latches, hinges and handle work good. Some old stickers with some tape. Pink inside suntan brown outside. SAFELY PACKED. World wide shipping available by requestPrior to purchase all international customers must contact us for permission to buy & for a shipping quote. International shipping rates for our standard USPS shipping service varies by location. Professionally packed in a large box. Shipping to Some countries is by request only. We reserve ... more

2016 Gibson 1958 Les Paul Standard Element 13 AL Custom Shop Ltd Edition *624

This is a new condition, mint Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul 1958 Standard Element 13 AL Ltd. Edition. Black gloss with aluminum pickguard, aluminum pup, aluminum surrounds, aluminum bridge, aluminum back plates, aluminum 3D head stock aluminum logo. Precision milled aluminum adorns this guitar, including what looks like aluminum binding-aluminum painted anyway. Rosewood fingerboard, solid mahogany body, with maple cap. Aluminum pickup selector switch tip. Dual custom buckers with aluminum pup ... more

1958 VINTAGE Gibson Les Paul Standard BURST Conversion, PAF's, TONE!

Here is my VINTAGE GIBSON LES PAUL STANDARD CONVERSION.GREAT GUITAR!I have been doing these conversions for some time now.I am really particular with the entire process.The routes are as exact as possible to original actual 1958-60 Gibson Les Paul Standards.Guitar is finished in Vintage Lacquer as well as Vintage Color Dyes.This guitar started out as an early 1958 Gibson Les Paul JR.These conversions require some re-building and massaging to the Mahogany body before the Flame Maple top is added.... more

1992 Gibson "Pre-Historic" '59 Reissue Les Paul Standard Sunburst - STUNNING

Here is a very rare "Pre-Historic" '59 Reissue from 1992. This guitar comes from a small batch of reissues specially ordered by the St. Charles Music Exchange. It has many desirable features including: very chunky 59 profile neck holly headstock veneer silk screen Les Paul logo1950's long neck tenon 4% neck pitch so the bridge is not sitting too high original early '57 Classic pickups with sharp edges on the nickel covers It has had CTS 500K pots installed with Historic .022 Bumble Bee ... more

1959 Orig PAF Gibson Les Paul Standard Or Custom ES 335 Byrdland 1 Bridge Pickup

This Sale is for 1 Pickup Only .. Call My Shop during normal business hours with Any questions (central time zone) 1959 Orig PAF Gibson Les Paul Standard Or Custom ES 335, Byrdland Neck Pickup Sale is for 1 Pickup ONLY. So Far I have 1 left For Sale.. The Bridge Pickup This is the "narrow" spaced version as found in a Byrdland, ES-5 Switchmaster or ES-350T They sound function perfectly in the neck position of a Les Paul or 335 etc. Had 134933 pot dates. That's 33rd week 1959 100% Original! Came ... more

1960s Gibson Switchcraft 3Way Toggle For Les Paul SG Standard Custom Special USA

Real deal 1960s Gibson Switchcraft 3-way toggle switch. Found on the Les Paul "SG" models. This version / logo was found in the early 1960s until the mid to late 1970s. The switch is in very good condition with a little old solder left on the terminals. There is no collar washer or tip included- just the switch (look at the pictures) Two available- 1 BIN= 1 Switch... more

Vintage Gibson 1968 Les Paul Standard Goldtop Original 1955 1956 1969 Custom 59

Vintage Correct Parts is proud to offer, for your consideration, A fantastic and original Vintage 1968 - 1969 Les Paul Standard You're looking at a very nice example of the sought after and highly desirable late 60's Les Paul Goldtop The early runs of the re-introduction of the Les Paul Standard model are truly amazing and very inspiring guitars. There is some hearsay among collectors that the first few batches of these were made using 50's parts that were leftover. While we certainly can't ... more

Vintage 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard Burst Short Knurl Reflector Volume Knob 59

Vintage Correct Parts is proud to offer, for your consideration, A completely original and fantastic A killer 1960 Vintage Gibson Les Paul "Burst" Reflector volume Knob Excellent condition! These are SUPER rare . only found in early / mid 1960 with the "short knurl" KILLER and are THEE knob for your 1960 Les Paul Standard or ES-335 dot neck. Or make your vintage reissue R9 or R0 or replica "pop" with some REAL DEAL vintage plastic! Fantastic original condition with an incredibly vibrant gold ... more

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