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Vintage guitars for sale: Futurama

1960's Hagstrom III F-300 Vintage Electric Guitar Futurama Sweden Sunburst, ohc

Up for sale, a 1960's Hagstrom III in excellent condition and perfect working order. Built in Sweden in the mid / late '60s, the Hagstrom III (known as the F-300 in the United States) boasts three single coil pickups with a bevy of tone switches and pickup combinations. Clearly influenced by both the Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson SG, this Hagstrom manages to be its own unique entity. With a single Master Volume knob and six pickup / tone switches, a myriad of tonal options are possible, ... more

BORISOV FUTURAMA-2 RARE Vintage Electric Guitar Soviet USSR

Vintage Electric Guitar "BORISOV FUTURAMA-2" USED Pretty nice tool to produce Borisov factory of musical instruments 1973-79 years in the last century. If it was not long headstock (21cm), it would seem very "baby".It looks nice. Lightweight and extremely comfortable. Length 580mm is all.Neck Width at zero fret 40mm. Well played passages where some stretching of the left hand is required, as well as the standard rock and roll moves, when the little finger away from the ring finger for three ... more

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